Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sleep and Hypothyroidism

If you read my last entry, you know how my sleeping has been messed up with me sleeping 15 hours one day and then being up for 24 hours.  I didn’t like that anymore than the 12 hour sleep days but things are changing again.  Sunday night I slept 8 hours and was up at 8:30 am.  I liked that!

Although I was afraid I’d fall asleep in the evening but was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t and went to bed a little after 11:00 pm.  Yea!  I was even able to do a little reading before falling asleep!

Okay now for the bad part, I woke up a little after 6 this morning and wasn’t able to get back to sleep so here I sit.  Now I’m wondering how long till I get so tired that I can’t stay awake.  It’s Wednesday and that means prayer meeting at church tonight.  I want to go which means I will have to take hubby to work so I can have the car to get there then pick him up from work @ 11:30 pm.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I knew I could get a little nap before church and make sure I get up in time to get ready.

I guess I’ll let the day unveil and see what it brings!

Til next time!
Linda <3

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  1. I had hypothyroidism in 1990 and had my Thyroid removed. I was on thyrotril drug for a year with many side-effects. I switched to porcine tablets and have felt normal for the last 5 years!