Sunday, September 19, 2010


Easter is a time to remember that Christ died on the cross for my sins; for me who he did not even know.  When I give my life for someone I did not know?  I'm not sure I would but Christ did and then he went even further because He rose from the dead having victory over death and thereby saving me from spending eternity in hell as long as I accept his wonderful gift.  I have done that, have you?

Even though Easter is about Christ's death and resurrection, I do enjoy giving a present to by son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.  Money is tight as I am not employed at this time so I wanted to come up with gifts that I could make using supplies that I had here at home.  I have a fair amount of yarn available so I started looking through my crochet patterns and found 2 that I could use for my daughter-in-law and grandson.  Now I just needed to come up with something for my son.  I spent a couple of days thinking about this, why is it always so hard to come up with ideas for guys?  Finally, I decided on something using duct tape, there is always duct tape in the house!  I went to one of my favorite web sites  They have an entire guide on using duct tape so I was able to find something for my son.

I can't tell you today what those items are because I want them to be a surprise to the recipients and well, actually I have not placed the package in the mail yet.  Once they receive them, I will come back here and tell you what they got!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Linda <3

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