Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Am Truly Blessed - (long)

This past week my faith was tested.  I experienced a trial – was I going to trust God to take care of the situation or was I going to try and fix it myself.

It goes back to November 2009 when we changed car insurance companies; apparently when you drop car insurance that company has to notify the Dept of Transportation making them aware of the situation.  We received a letter from the DOT requiring proof of insurance or we were to mail the license plate to them.

Fast forward to last Monday when the hubby was stopped by the police on his way to work for an expired registration sticker.  When hubby told me this, my first thought was that we had not received a notice of renewal for the registration.  He agreed then went on to say the police actually took the plates off the van because we didn’t have insurance.  Right away I knew this was related to the changing of the insurance last fall.  I also realized that is why we did not receive a notice for renewing the registration…according to PENN DOT the registration was suspended!  Apparently they never received the proof of insurance from the November change.  Our van was sitting in a church parking lot without plates and we were unable to drive it at all!

As soon as I hung up the phone, I started praying for God to help me with this situation.  It is amazing the peace I felt after saying that prayer.  That evening I prayed about the situation many times.
It took until Thursday late afternoon to get the insurance straightened out.  I had to take proof of insurance to the state representative’s office and they called PENN DOT.  They also helped me complete the new registration form and mailed it for me.  The new plates should be here in a week (this Wednesday prayerfully).
I praised God for His help and guidance and also for my sister-in-law who chauffeured me to the office, the store, and back home after a full day of work.  Thursday evening I publicly thanked the Lord for answered prayer by posting on facebook.

Friday the mail brought citations related to the incident – a total of almost $450.00 in fines.  When hubby told me by first reaction was to pray.  The largest fine was for “operation following suspension of Registration”.  I asked God for guidance because I certainly do not think we should have to pay this because there was no lapse in insurance coverage.  I called the state reps office and they said to bring the letter in.  Now this office is 8 miles from home and I have no plates so can’t drive my van to get there.  We are a one car family, so what to do.

Long story short - (is that possible at this point?!) – my aunt is going to take me this afternoon.  My sis-in-law would have a total of 32 miles involved for her to take me.  My aunt lives in the same town as me, so less travelling to do.

Please say a prayer we will be able to get this straightened out so we don’t have such a huge fine to pay.
All of this got me thinking, what kind of person am I?  Am I someone others could call and ask help of?  I haven’t always been the person I want to be so am going to be working on that.

So as for the question – how did I do?  Well, it’s a split answer, although I prayed for God to take care of this and I trusted him to do so, I also allowed it to get me down some.  I missed church on Wednesday when I am sure I could have made arrangements to get there but felt kinda sorry for myself instead.

So why am I blessed?  Because I have people in my life that are willing to help without judging me; what more could a person ask for?

Til next time,

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