Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Close is too Close?

We have always been very close to our son but I sometimes wonder if we were too close.  God blessed us with one child, even though we had wanted more, we never had any and then I had a hysterectomy when Jacob was 6.  Because God is all knowing, I know his plan is perfect so I do not get upset over just one.
Since he was little, we did everything together, there wasn't anyplace I went that he did not go unless it was to work.  I always felt guilty that I had to work so when I was off, he was with me.  When he got interested in NASCAR racing, I made a decision to get into it also so we could do it together.  These are very precious times to me.

When he went to school in Florida, I missed him but we would talk frequently and I knew he would be coming home for school breaks.  When he wasn't sure God had a wife in the plans for him, we talked and I was able to tell him that she may not have started school yet, or he may have already met her.   Low and behold, he had met her and it wasn't too many months till God brought them together again and as they say...the rest is history.

I had a difficult time dealing with his marriage,  I'm sure you've heard the saying "A daughter is a daughter all her life but a son is a son till he takes a wife."  That is true and it has been difficult for me to deal with this.  I pray everyday for God to help me.  The girl he married is everything I could want for him...a Christian girl who loves him and cares about him.   She is a good mother to my grandchild also.  If you can, I would certainly appreciate your prayers about this.

My sister has been able to deal with her children leaving home much better than I.  I need to be more like her.

Linda <3

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